HYROX World Championships

September 11th, 2021

HYROX World Championships
Event Description

What is special about the World Championships?

Besides a spectacular atmosphere, qualifying HYROX athletes will experience a unique journey – special goodies, prize money and an exclusive Award Ceremony, guaranteed to create a long lasting memory for all participants.

How to qualify?

  • You can qualify either as an individual or as a doubles team – all individual participants will take part in the PRO Division at the World Championships. 
  • At each event throughout the season, we will announce the number of qualifying slots available per age group and division for the World Championships.
  • Upon qualifying, you will receive an email within 24hours of the event's finish time. In this email you will receive a customized code which you will need to use for your World Championships registration.
  • Singles registration is €99 and Doubles registration is €149 in total.

What does the Race Day Flow look like for the World Championships?

The World Championships will start approx. at 1:00pm, in the following order: 

HYROX Women Doubles, HYROX Men Doubles, HYROX Mixed Doubles, HYROX Pro Women, HYROX Pro Men. The HYROX ELITE WAVE Women and HYROX Elite WAVE MEN  (starting at around 7pm) 

Exhibition Center Leipzig
Messe-Allee 1
Leipzig, Sachsen
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September 11th, 2021
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